The Best Dragons Dildos to Enjoy in 2022

Dragons dildos have become more and more popular over the last few years with many people coming to recognise their sexual superiority. Each year there are new wild and wonderful dragons dildos and fantasy sex toys released to breathe fire into your love tunnels. 2022 has been no different with some of the most exciting ever dragons dildos hitting the market. With a few months still to go in 2022, there may yet be some more hot items for your sex toy collection this year but it has already been a hell of a year!

To help you find that next special toy, here are the best dragons dildos to enjoy in 2022.

1. Squirting Shire Horse Dildo

The Squirting Shire Horse Dildo is not only the biggest dildo we have ever come across, but it also has some special features that make it pretty damn special. That’s right! The Squirting Shire Horse Dildo, as its name suggests, is designed to squirt a big load of fake cum (or whatever you fill the dildo with) with the power of a real stallion. Just fill the dildo up with the injector and start squeezing that pump for a moneyshot. The Squirting Shire Horse Dildo is 27.5 long and looks just like a real shire horse’s cock with its 3.5cm diameter ensuring that you are not just full but fully stretched too! 

2. “Lycan” Werewolf Dildo

Werewolves are mysterious, dangerous and undeniably sexy. These supernatural fantasy beings are not just the stuff of nightmares but of wet dreams too! The “Lycan” Werewolf Dildo is 21.5cm long with a tapered tip and layered shaft for serious full moon action! At the bottom of the shaft is a serious knot which will stretch you out and have you howling until morning. The sturdy suction cup base means you can set your Lycan up anywhere whenever the hour of the wolf begins.

3. Unicorn Horn Dildo

The best dragons dildos and fantasy sex toys are always based on exotic supernatural creatures and Unicorn Horn Dildos are exactly that. The Unicorns are the longest dildos you will find anywhere at 46cm in length but are thin enough to use in every hole. With a smooth, spiral texture, the Unicorn Horn Dildo feels incredible and can get to all those hard-to-reach, ecstasy producing spots. 

4. Eborsisk

We couldn’t have a list of the best dragons dildos and fantasy sex toys without at least one our Fire Red Dragon Dildos. We love the entire Fire Red Dragon Dildo range but the Eborsisk is an absolute beast of a sex toy. While the Eborsisk may have a modest 16.5cm length, its 6.1cm diameter will stretch you to orgasm shaking heights. The Eborsisk comes in stunning black and red with an incredibly textured shaft with bumps, lumps and bobbles galore. 

So there is our guide to the top 4 dragons dildos and fantasy sex toys of 2022. With all these exciting toys making a huge splash this year, the only thing to look out for is what 2023 will bring!