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Dragons Dildo

The ultimate guide to choosing the best dragons dildo in 2022

Dildos used to be a girl's best companion, but now girls have found a new lover: dragons dildos. A dragons dildo is proof that dreams can come through and that your imaginations are legitimate.

Dragons dildos are a product of the imagination of the owners of the Bad Dragon, an adult toy company that started in 2008. Their sex toys take after the likeness of dragons, monster, or goblin penises—or what we think they look like.

In this article, I'm going to show you 7 of the best dragons dildos that any lady in dildos will find most appealing. Let's get right into it.

Large Ejaculating Dragons Dildo

For size and ejaculator lovers

Ultra real and surreal experience is what you get from this dragons dildo. It comes with all the real effects of a real-life sex experience; red skin, veiny and a cap that squirts cum. It's made of silicone that is safe. Medical grade silicone is squishy and lifelike to the touch.

It is not porous and traps no odor. This one is 9 inches of awesomeness. It also features a suction cup so that you can mount it on surfaces for easy use. Get kinky with this dragons dildo which you can purchase for just $59.99.

Knotted Dildo

For canine lovers

This dildo can be any creature phallus in your mind, whatever tickles your kitty. What catches your attention at first glance is the pair of balls on it, the veiny shaft and the unusual stubby cap. And then it comes with an amazing out-of-this-world color suggestive of a canine's penis, or maybe an alien. It features a suction cup as well. The material is medical silicone which makes it safe for insertion. It is 8 inches long, enough to hit you where it tickles for those spasms you like. It comes with a realistic look and is waterproof. This fantasy dildo cost $49.98.

Dildo Monster

For size heavy stimulation lovers

Dragons Dildos are designed to transport you into the very heights of stimulation. This dragons dildo is the ultimate in this service. It comes with a ribbed, serrated shaft. The curves are deeply cut into the shaft. This dildo is sure to change what you've always felt and self-pleasuring will never be the same for you. Plus it features cool colors pink and yellow. You can use it anywhere; in the bedroom, or in the shower. It is 7.6 inches long and 1.9 inches in width. It is $68.64.

Blue Fantasy Dildo

For length lovers

Dragons are monsters, but they're not the only monsters. This dildo here is an appendage of a monster that could be anything in your imagination once you embrace the possibilities. It comes in an intense blue color and a shaft that is ribbed. This realistic, flexible dildo is made from high-quality silicone. With a generous tip and curves, you are just one click away from enjoying G and P spot stimulation at its best. Enjoy uninterrupted solo play and throat training with the help of the high performance suction cup when you fix it up on a wall or on glass surfaces. And this dildo is just $45.99.

Big Knot Dragons Dildo

For size and girth lovers

Some want aesthetics and functionality. This dildo brings the two features together. It is a bull, knotted on the shaft with one hell of a cap that's sure to make you water, literally. It is handmade to perfection. If you aren't into ribbed fantasy dildos, if your thing is somewhere in between regular and fantasy, then this dildo is your answer.

It combines features of a creature and a canine cock. It is veiny too and almost smooth. The dildo is made of medical silicone, odorless, and easy to clean. There has to be an extraterrestrial somewhere whose cock looks just like this. This is a 7 inches pink beauty with a suction cup, waterproof, and very realistic.

Ovipositor Dragons Dildo with Kegel Eggs

For deep stimulation lovers

Have you ever really wondered what a dragons's penis looks like? How about how they must feel when they slide in? This dildo calls up the right images if you are one who's into creature fantasy. It comes with the right, realistic colors—a mix of pink and purple. It is textured with ridges, ribs and spikes at the lower end. It is an ovipositor's cock, a now extinct animal. This dragons breeder is custom-made by hand, and designed to provide the highest form of stimulation while filling you up. As it does, the ribs and scales tickle you, sending you beyond the clouds. This one is made out of 100% medical grade silicone. For $105.53, this dildo can be yours.

Monster Alien Dildo

For those who love intense squirts

This dildo is ideal for both anal and vaginal use. It is designed to progressively take you up the ladder of intensive stimulation with every ball. Each ball on the shaft is studded with circular raised patterns. And there are six balls. You will howl. It is available in black and brown colors, depending on your fantasies—aliens from mars or simply a dragons from the Game of Thrones. It is flexible, allowing you to flex on it during your anal sessions and when you need your camera to catch those sexy angles. This dildo is sure to set your nerve endings on fire. It is made from high-grade silicone allowing it to feel safe. You are looking at a 15.15 inches long pole of pleasure and 3.34 inches in girth. Order for yours at $94.

Final thoughts

Open up your skies and tune up your sexual pleasure by upgrading to any one of these dragons dildos.

Of course, you can always keep your regular dildos and vibrators. But you sure know that with time, the pleasure becomes stale when you stick with the ordinary.

Everyone can find what suits them on this list. The price of dildos on this list don't break the bank, and for the pleasure of sex, no price is too much.