Collection: Big Dildoes

One question that we often find ourselves asking in life is “Does size matter?”

The answer to this usually depends on what is being referred to. For example, “Should I supersize my meal?” or “What’s the biggest animal I could beat in a fight?”  But, we aren’t talking about these daily matters, of course, we are talking about dildoes. So what is the general consensus? Are big dildoes better than small ones?

Well, when it comes to a lot of Dragons Dildo UK customers, size definitely matters and bigger definitely does mean better.

Of course, it is all down to personal preference but we know that there are a lot of size kings and queens out there that need satisfying. For all of you who have eyes for dildos on the bigger side then look no further!

We’ve listened to the cries of the people, and taken it as our personal responsibility to cater to the needs of those looking for the biggest, gut-punching dildos. We have produced a massive collection of fat, girthy dildos, ready to satisfy. 

You’ll find no boring, ordinary dildos here. The Dragons Dildo UK collection is made up of massive sci-fi and fantasy dildos, ready to fill your every desire (and hole!) 

We have a range of massive sci-fi dildoes, ready to boldly go where no man has gone before and which are ideal for black hole exploration, mighty dragons dildos and seriously giant dog dildoes for an authentic doggy-style experience.

All of our big dildoes are beautifully designed and crafted using high-quality, non-toxic, medical-grade silicone. Why did we choose this material? Simply put, it looks stunning, feels amazing and if looked after, will leave you satisfied time and time again.

To ensure you are using your big dildo properly, you need to make sure you are using the correct lube. This not only guarantees you maximum pleasure but also protects your dildo and keeps it in perfect condition. Avoid using silicone-based lubricants as they deteriorate the surface of silicone sex toys like our big dildoes. This will compromise its cleanliness as buildups of bacteria will be more likely and also ruin the crafted texture of your dildo. 

Why is the texture so important when it comes to dragons dildos? Well, the market standard sex toy texture options are either beaded, ribbed or smooth. Our big dildoes, however, have a number of different textures based on aliens, monsters, dragons, tentacle dildo and many more. These exclusive textures ensure experiences and sensations that a normal sex toy simply cannot provide. 

Our whole range of big dildoes comes with free next-day shipping. Plus, there is no need to worry about those pesky neighbours trying to see what you’ve ordered as we ship our big dildoes in very discreet packaging. We also offer a variety of payment methods including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Credit/Debit Card.

So what’s the hold-up? Choose one of our amazing big dildoes today and we will have a massive package for you to enjoy very soon!