Welcome to Dragons Dildo UK

Hi, Jacques here! I am the founder of Dragon's Dildo UK, Britain’s number one dragon and fantasy sex toy site!


It has been a rollercoaster ride since the humble beginnings of Dragons Dildo UK when it was just me, my computer and a row of giant sex toys so I just wanted to share a little of my story.


It all began when I was LARPing with a few friends about five years ago. I had just got back from a Lord of the Rings-inspired tour of New Zealand. I had created a new LARPing character while on my travels, a dragon slayer called Albareth. 


I was eager to introduce my character to my usual LARPing buddies but when I arrived there was a new member of the club…and guess what? She was a dragon slayer too (and a pretty one to boot!)


I have never wielded my weapon quite so vigorously as I did that day and I am happy to say that 2 years later, that dragon slayer became my wife!


I had never met anyone who loved fantasy as much as me but when I first went to the pretty dragon slayer’s home, she introduced me to something I had never seen before: a dragons dildo!


That night and many nights afterwards, we tussled with that dragon, wrestled it into dark caves and mysterious tunnels and felt its fire deep inside us. 


We soon began to collect more dragons dildos and decided to share our love with the world. At first, we weren’t sure if anybody would be interested but Dragons Dildo UK was an instant success!


These days, we don’t just sell dragons dildos but alien dildos, squirting monster dildos and many more!


I hope you enjoy browsing our full collection and that you find the perfect toy to make your wildest fantasies a reality!