Collection: Werewolf Dildos

Are you craving a sex life with a little more bite? Do you feel a primal urge stirring within you every time you gaze at the full moon? Look no further than Dragons Dildo Werewolf Dildo range – where you can experience pleasure that will have you howling until dawn. 

Our Werewolf Dildo range is perfect for those who love to indulge in some lascivious Lycan loving – whether you're a fan of Twilight or remember Teen Wolf. These dildos are no ordinary sex toys; they are giant, lifelike, mythical canine shafts complete with veins, exposed heads, and massive double knots to stimulate every millimeter of your love tunnels. 

But beware, our Werewolf Dildos are not for the faint of heart. Our largest model, the Werewolf Prince, boasts an impressive 26.1cm length and a monstrous 7.6cm diameter – enough to satisfy even the most wild of beasts. Ensure you're generous with the lube, and you'll be able to slide your hole-stretching beast in without a wolf's whimper.

Our Werewolf Dildos come with a range of special features to add excitement to your prowl. These include suction cup bases with realistic werewolf balls, perfect for grinding your way to unbridled hands-free pleasure. There are also squirting functions so that you can give yourself or your partner a wet and wild Werewolf washing.

Each toy in our Werewolf Dildo collection is made from medical-grade platinum silicone – the perfect material for creating unique designs and textures. Platinum silicone is 100% body-safe, easy to clean and look after, and feels as close to the real thing as possible.

So if you're ready to unleash your inner Thriller under the dreamy light of the full moon, browse our collection and choose your favorite Werewolf Dildo today. Our Werewolf Dildo range is sure to add a little more excitement to your sex life.