How Big Do Dragons Dildos Get?

Dragons Dildos are the OGs of the dildo world. After all, nobody wants a boring old run-of-the-mill dildo anymore. Dragons dildos are stunning, expertly designed pleasure factories shaped like Kraken’s tentacles, aliens’ intergalactic johnsons and dragons’ tongues.

Dragons dildos and other fantasy sex toys have horns and soft spikes, lumps, bumps, scales and other interesting features which make their textures totally unique. And yet, it is often another aspect of dragons dildos which catches most people’s attention…their size!

That’s right, dragons dildos are some of the biggest dildos you will find anywhere, guaranteed to stretch you to the limit.

But just how big do dragons dildos get? And is their sheer size an obstacle for some people to overcome? Let’s find out more…

When You Say Big…?

We mean big! Most of our dragons dildos are far larger than a regular sex toy. While there may be some pretty huge regular dildos available, these are few and far between. Almost all of our dragons dildos are at least 20-25cm in length and also pack some serious girths. We even have dragons dildos which get wider the further you push them in for a serious stretch. No matter how big of a size king or queen you are, you will find a dragons dildo to fit your…needs.

How to Use a Dragons Dildo Comfortably and Safely?

Don’t worry if you are small down there, just because our dragons dildos are huge, doesn’t mean they can’t be used by everyone. Of course, their extra length and girth do mean that you will need to take a little more time than normal to choose the right dildo for you. Once you have made your choice, you then need to make sure you are nice and warmed up for your dragons dildo. This usually means using lots of lube, masturbating or playing with your partner and taking it nice and slow when it comes to insertion. When using lube with your dragons dildo, never use silicone-based lube as this will degrade the surface of your silicone toy. Use an oil- or water-based lube instead.

Can Dragons Dildos be Used for Anal Sex and Play?

Definitely, but you should be even more careful when using a dragons dildo for anal sex than for vaginal sex. In addition to applying a lot of lube, try experimenting first with one of the thinner dragons dildos. Once you get used to that, you can work your way up to one of the seriously enormous sex toys in our collection. Alternatively, you can also play with a dragons dildo that gets wider the further you push it in like a tentacle dildo. This will allow you to slowly train and stretch your ass the same using multiple toys of different girths. 

Everyone knows that bigger is always better and never has that been more true than with dragons dildos. Whether you are an experienced hole stretcher or you are a newbie looking to expand your horizons and push you to the limit, there is a dragons dildo perfect for you.